Rolff Lab – Evolutionary Biology
at Freie Universität Berlin


We are interested in the evolution and ecology of insects. This encompasses the evolution of (insect) immunity, bacterial resistance evolution, insect-microbe interactions and adaptation to predators

We are also members of the ZIBI Interdisciplinary Center for Infection Biology and Immunity. And the Berlin Brandenburg Institute of Advanced Biodiversity Research.


New paper: Evolution of defence cocktails: antimicrobial peptide combinations reduce mortality and persistent infection. C. Zanchi, PR Johnston, J Rolff. Mol Ecol.

New paper by our writer in residence: The energy expansions of evolution, Olivia Judson, Nature Ecology and Evolution,

New paper out: Insect Antimicrobial Defences: A Brief History, Recent Findings, Biases, and a Way Forward in Evolutionary Studies.
N Keehnen, J Rolff, U Theopold, C Wheat. Adv. Insect Physiol

Janne Swaegers from Leuven joined as a postdoc funded by the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation