Rolff Lab – Evolutionary Biology
at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin

Alumni (roughly in reverse chronological order)

Paul Johnston is now a researcher at BeGenDiv and the Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Sciences and Fisheries

Bin Jiang is now a lecturer at An Hui Normal University China

Caroline Zanchi, now working with Prof. Kurtz

Kathrin Bramke, now working for an environmental consultancy in Brandenburg

Olga Makarova is now a postdoc at the Vet School here at FU Berlin

Sebastian Hausmann is now a PhDstudent here at FU Berlin

Jack Dorling is PhDstudent with Petros Ligoxygakis at Oxford

Joanne Purves, now postdoc at Nottingham University

John McGonigle, now PhD student in Cambridge with Frank Jiggins

Adam Dobson, postdoc at UCL

Jennie Garbutt, postdoc with Tom Little at Edinburgh

Rachel Findlay-Robinson research assistant with Tim Benton at Leeds

Alex Williams research assistant with Simon Foster at Sheffield

Steve Parratt
, PhDstudent with Greg Hurst in Liverpool

Katrin Hammerschmidt
, now postdoc with Paul Rainey

Vi Nquyen, PhD student with Catherin Biggs,University of Sheffield

Rhiannon Pursall is now at Warwick Medical School

Ellie Haine is now a Science teacher in Sheffield

Ewan Harney, postdoc at the University of Brest France

Laura Pollitt, postdoc at Penn State with Andrew Read

Rachel Clare, now research assistant at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Gerrit Joop, group leader at Univesity of Giessen and Fraunhofer Group for Insect Biotechnology

Stuart Wigby, research fellow at the University of Oxford